Dazed/Through The Wire KATJA Release Date 11 Jul 2016
KATJA - Dazed
KATJA - Through The Wire
KATJA - Through The Wire (Giuseppe Cennamo Remix)
KATJA - Through The Wire (Braunbeck Remix)
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Cimelde Shades Various Artists Release Date 08 Jun 2016
01. Atapy - Landwalk
02. Luke Kay - Paradis Basaltique
03. Dumming Dum - Destination
04. Jakku - Molekular
05. Savvas - Ethernal Wanderings
06. Vantablack - Firepath
07. Daniel Du Noy - Melanchodies
08. DIDACTE - Paramnésie
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Sympathy/Religion Alex Kennon Release Date 25 Apr 2016
Sympathy (Original Mix)
Religion (Original Mix)
Religion (Acumen Remix)
Sympathy (Punu Remix)
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Restart Andrea Natale Release Date 22 Feb 2016
Remoteness (Original Mix)
Remoteness (Dawnlapse Remix)
Regrets (Original Mix)
Remembering (Original Mix)
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Balance Atapy, Daniel Wilde Release Date 30 Nov 2015
Balance (Original Mix)
Balance (Daniel Wilde Remix)
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Vertigo Chinonegro Release Date 21 Sep 2015
Vertigo (Original Mix)
Forest (Original Mix)
Sequence (Original Mix)
Can't Take It Back (Original Mix)
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Best Of Cimelde Junk Yard Rhythm Section, Sivesgaard, Atapy, Nikolas Noam, Anaid, Lessovsky, Luca Albano, Paso, Santi De, Daniel Du Noy, Fill Scared Release Date 14 Sep 2015
Falling (Kolombo Remix)
Beating Strong (Search DiP Remix)
Falling (Nikolas Noam Remix)
Beating Strong (Luis Leon Remix)
Your Embrace (Original Mix)
Beating Strong (Punu Remix)
Lost (Original Mix)
Falling (Jorge Takei Remix)
Falling (Original Mix)
Dolimiento (Original Mix)
Screams Of Silence (Original Mix)
Falling (No Dial Tone Remix)
Move Baby (Jackspot Remix)
To Us (Original Mix)
Outsider (Original Mix)
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Outsider Atapy Release Date 12 Aug 2015
Outsider (Original Mix)
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Screams Of Silence Daniel Du Noy, Hd Release Date 24 Nov 2014
Screams Of Silence (Original Mix)
Expression Of Joy (Original Mix)
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Falling Remixes Nikolas Noam, Anaid Release Date 10 Nov 2014
Falling (Nikolas Noam Remix)
Falling (Jorge Takei Remix)
Falling (No Dial Tone Remix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

KATJA (DE) - Through The Wire Braunbeck Remix
Michael James, Funk E - Nunca Original Mix
Junk Yard Rhythm Section - Falling Kolombo Remix
Alex Kennon - Sympathy Original Mix
Crek - Let You Original Mix
Didacte - Paramnésie Original Mix
Alex Kennon - Religion Original Mix
Luca Albano, Paso - Lost Original Mix
Sivesgaard, Atapy - Beating Strong Luis Leon Remix
KATJA (DE) - Through The Wire Original Mix
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